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Identifying and Contesting Unfair Dismissal

It is a fact of life that sometimes a job does not work out the way we planned it. Perhaps the job is mundane, poorly paid for what is involved or too difficult. All these factors can have an effect on performance and sometimes result dismissal. Whilst employers have the right to dismiss an employee, there must be a legitimate reason for doing so. If there is not, then there could be grounds for unfair dismissal. Unfortunately, instances of unfair dismissal are growing. In such cases, seeking the help and advice of a specialist solicitor so that an unfair dismissal claim can be made is of paramount importance. Unfairly dismissing someone from their job can result in a large amount of unfair dismissal compensation being won on behalf of the aggrieved party. Unfair dismissal should not just be accepted.


Seeking Unfair Dismissal Compensation

There are a several ways a dismissal could be judged to be unfair. If an employer gives no reason for the removal of a member of staff from their employment, unfair dismissal claims can quite easily be brought. Likewise, if an employer does not follow set procedures of dismissal, or the dismissal was for an automatically unfair reason – based on age or gender for example – unfair dismissal compensation could well be due.
There are many cases each year of unfair dismissal. London legal specialists are experienced in making claims and are adept at winning substantial sums of unfair dismissal compensation.
Making an Unfair Dismissal Claim

Many people may feel embarrassed or ashamed if they lose their job. But if it was not their fault and was based on illegal practices or grounds, there is a real possibility of winning unfair dismissal compensation With unfair dismissal, London instances are growing year on year, but so are instances of legal experts making a successful unfair dismissal claim against employers. Having a contract unfairly terminated by an employer is wrong and against the law. These employers must be brought to justice and the employee is within their rights to win back lost earnings and to make sure the employer is prevented from dismissing other employees unfairly in the future.
Contact a specialist employment law solicitor for advice and helpful guidance. A successful unfair dismissal claim could restore confidence and be the start of a new period of working life.
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