Confused – Employment Laws, Redundancy & Wills?

I worked for a gentleman for 10 years as a housekeeper/companion. Sadly he has passed and although I know that he has specified in the will that he wishes for me to receive 12 months pay and for me to stay on in my home for 6 months, i would like to know if A) I am entitled to redundancy pay ontop of what he has requested be left to me in the will B) As I have lived in my home for so many years as part of my position am i entitled to stay here for longer than 6 months? C) My position was to take care of him. Now he has passed his son is requesting I go to the house on a daily basis to meet with estate agents who are valuing both his house (the deceased) and mine (his other property -next door). However I am of the belief that as my boss has now passed I do not have to carry out these duties any more. I am so confused.Legally I haven’t a clue where I stand and financially I cannot afford to go to see a solicitor. Can anyone offer advice please? Thank you

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  1. TX Cyclone Says:

    It depends on the state. When you file unemployment, usually they ask you if you received any pay in lieu of notice and you have to report that. Usually the benefits will not start until after that amount has been divided by your weekly eligibility. So you can qualify, but not unitl the pay you received is accounted for. Also, are you sure he was paying unemployment insurance on you?

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