can you sue the federal government for breach of an employment contract?

I have a signed offer letter for employment and 1 week before I was supposed to report across the country for duty and after I had already purchased airfare and hotel accomodations,I recived a call that my file needed to be vetted and now its been 8 months and still no answer and my credit has become terrible which will preclude me from taking the position once vetting is done.

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2 Responses to “can you sue the federal government for breach of an employment contract?”

  1. Phil Says:

    You had an offer but not a contract. They should reimburse you based on the expense you directly incurred for travel in advance.

    You should be contacting the hiring agency, and exploring venues for filling a complaint such as inspector general function within the agency.

  2. Margrave Says:

    The answer is no. Torts against the government are something that can be done only in certain circumstances, as in failure to protect you from itself.

    To proceed on this matter you would most probably need to prove that the offer was arbitrary and capricious rather than a simple misfeasance.

    And an offer in the mail is most certainly a contract. If you responded in the mail with an acceptance, validating the contract, then you may have a damages suit anyway.