Can You Combine Health & Safety and Employment Law Consultants?

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If you have asked yourself this question before, rest assured you are not alone. Today business owners and managers everywhere are also asking themselves and one another this and other similar questions, as government regulations only continue to increase. Regulations that cover an ever widening area of your business operation.


The fact is that most people have a generalized idea of what health and safety is, even if the topic can become more complex in a business setting. So then what exactly is an employment law consultant and what is that they do that relates to health and safety issues in the workplace?


In simple terms, today’s qualified health, safety and employment consultants assist you in your efforts to move towards full compliance with all your legal requirements. At the same time, they are ready to assist you in formulating systems and methods of operations, engineered to reduce the likelihood of accidents and any resulting liabilities.


Today’s Health & Safety Employment Law Cunsultant


So who are these consultants and what qualifies them? Today’s professional health, safety and employment law consultants are recruited from and have extensive knowledge and experience related to a broad range of business genres. Many of whom have achieved top level leadership positions in the higher echelons of today’s better known international business organizations.



The first task undertaken by your personal consultant is a general audit of your operational procedures. The goal of this study is to identify areas of legislative non compliance, as well as all unsafe practices and systems. In this initial audit your statutory records and record keeping practices will also be scrutinized and modifications  made where it is deemed necessary.


After Your Initial Audit and Assessment


The secondary step involves the development implementation of actual changes to your operational procedures, tailored to your needs. All geared towards actual employee safety and legal compliance. These changes will also include the development of systems geared towards ongoing compliance monitoring as well.


It’s during this phase that employee training issues will be resolved and any topic related manuals and literature produced as deemed necessary. Of course your consultant will assist you with follow up visits and reports as changes take place to insure that progress is expedited. This also includes assistance in developing ongoing employee safety awareness programs and policies.


Follow Up Services & Assistance


There is also a series of extensive follow up services and updates that are provided as well. These ongoing services include periodic check up visits and what is commonly referred to as a Beware Notice system. The Beware Notice system notifies you of any changes or or potential upcoming legislative changes in laws relating to your business genre.


Another service that is available comes in the form of a 24 hour seven day a week emergency help line. It’s a number you or your manager can call for on the spot assistance in resolving related issues or in the even that you have been contacted by labor law enforcement authorities. If your assigned consultant is unavailable a a fully qualified stand in is ready to take your call.

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