Can I break an employment contract just signed today?

I have just accepted a job and signed the contract and my current employer has made an offer I cannot refuse and am considering staying.

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4 Responses to “Can I break an employment contract just signed today?”

  1. doc_holliday1863 Says:

    Politelly ask to be excused from that contract andyou probably will be excused because if the person you speak with wont want you anyway becaue your heart would’nt be in this new job.

  2. AJ O Says:

    No you cant. As soon as that pen touches the paper with the intent to accept the terms, it goes into effect. You would be breaking contract.

  3. Kismitt Says:

    You normally have 3 days to opt out of a contract. After the 3 days, you are stuck. Call them right away and explain.

  4. Sunshine Says:

    You cannot be forced to stay at a job, but if the contract specifies penalties if you breach it, then they will go into effect. The contract will specify consequences of breaching. However, noone can legally be forced to stay at a job. You can leave as long as you don’t mind dealing with the damages from the breach. For example, if you got a signing bonus, you may be required to return the money. You need to read the contract.