California employment law? Is it possible that unemployment benefit claim is rejected if you get fired?

If so, what is the reason?? how long does it usually take you to get the first check??

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    4 Responses to “California employment law? Is it possible that unemployment benefit claim is rejected if you get fired?”

    1. V.T.V.RAM Says:

      You are not eligible for unemployment if you were discharged on the following :-
      if the discharge was due to conduct in the course of employment which constituted deliberate misconduct, a single knowing violation of a reasonable and uniformly-enforced rule or policy, larceny of property or services whose value exceeded $25 or theft of currency of any value, or felonious conduct. If you were discharged for absenteeism, your employer must show that you were absent without either good cause for the absence or notice to the employer which you could have reasonably provided under the circumstances for three separate instances within a twelve month period.

    2. roadhunter Says:

      Sure. In fact, most of the claims are denied if you are fired for poor performance, which is what most employers will say. Unemployment pay is designed for people who get laid off, not for people who get canned.

    3. MrsCookieBaker Says:

      unemployment is for paid for people that get released from their employers without fault. Most employers state it is your fault for getting fired. They receive papers from the unemployment office and have the option to deny your benefits.

    4. kit Says:

      Unemployment benefits is only for people who got laid off no fault of their own. Something happened to their position like the company decided to relocate and the employee refused to move or the position itself has been outsourced.

      If you got fired because it was your own fault for poor job performance. You can sue your former employer and try to win. You will need documentation to prove your case like witnesses.They have to be your former coworkers if they witnessed anything for you to get laid off. Good luck.