Are you aware that employment at will means contracts only bind the employee?

If an employer can fire whoever for whatever reason they have the power to impose any tyrannical demand, break a strike, or bust an union, which creates an EXTREMELY unequal and rather non free job market.
I have been actually self-employed all my life as a computer technician except for a while when I worked for an insurance company as a salesman.

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10 Responses to “Are you aware that employment at will means contracts only bind the employee?”

  1. dstr Says:

    At will employment simply means you have no contract…you are not protected by Union membership.Unions are contractual employment, this is why Republicans hate Unions because you are less exploitable.In a Union protected work place an employer must show "just cause" for your firing.

  2. Cactus Jack Says:

    Oh my! You are badly misinformed.

  3. David Carrington Jr. Says:

    This is how corporations like it, and who can blame them?

  4. White Bear Says:

    I do not think so. But to each his own belief.

  5. Invisible Says:

    So you are saying that employees could lose their jobs if their employer decides he doesn’t need them?


  6. smsmith500 Says:

    I would say that you have never actually worked for a living.

  7. grandma zaza Says:

    Oh geez….Please, start a business and then get back to us.

    I have the right to fire anyone I wish and for whatever the reason. What you want is a world where it takes an act of Congress to get someone fired no matter what they have done. How’s that working out for our manufacturing industry and our education system?

  8. GOPDEVIL Says:


    dont cha think

  9. Islam Delenda Est Says:

    What makes you think it’s SUPPOSED to be equal? If I own a business, I have invested my money, my knowledge, and my reputation in its success. Employees are paid for their time. If they don’t like the program, they should go elsewhere or start their own business.

  10. Modern Mountain Man Says:

    Contracts have something to offer both parties involved, otherwise nobody would ever enter into it. Seceding from the contract is optional for both the employee and the employer but each lose something when they do. Also, if the job market actually answered to supply and demand then competition would prevent employers from asking their employees to do insane things, as employees would choose to work exclusively for the companies that met their demands, and at good enough wages. Also, a free market would allow people to be more charitable, even though it’d likely be needed much less.

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