Are "Employment Contracts" Confidential?

We are a group of property owners trying to abolish a badly run BID (business improvement district) in our area. The first director hired made ,000 for a year with NO results! Now the board has hired someone else with NO experiance? They have given him (we are told) a 2 YEAR employment contract and those of us trying to abolish this organization would like to know what that contract contains that would quantify his accomplishments or results. Both the new director and the head of the BID Board (which is a 501C3 non-profit) have refused to provide us with a copy of the contract. As property owners who pay an ADDITIONAL tax (in excess of our already VERY high property taxes) for this BOGUS BID we think we are his "employers" – HE told us he works for us… and we think we should know what that contract that the board commited us to – contains. So – Are such contracts confidential? If anyone knows we would be VERY appreciative…. we are a grass roots group with a long road ahead.

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One Response to “Are "Employment Contracts" Confidential?”

  1. David B Says:

    Your rights will vary, depending upon the state and locality in which you are located.

    In many states, tax supported BIDs are subject to Freedom of Information laws – and contracts the BID makes are not exempt, even if they are for staff. But – I emphasize – the laws of your locality may be different.