Are do it yourself wills legal in the state of Alabama?

I’ve found a website where I can write my own will. Is it legal in the state of Alabama? How would one hold up in court?

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2 Responses to “Are do it yourself wills legal in the state of Alabama?”

  1. wizjp Says:

    It appears that a properly witnessed and notarized will would; but check with the probate clerk to make sure. Odds of holding up depend on how much your assets are worth and how contentious your heirs are; if in doubt, have an atty do it.

  2. scottclear Says:

    You need to give us the website. Some computer and web based wills are just as valid as any drafted by an attorney.

    Having said that, the biggest heartaches are made in wills that are drafted poorly. Either by attorneys or programs. Most textbooks for this area of the law are very thick, and the only thing they contain are fights over poorly drafted documents.

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