Any california employment law experts?

I work in a department at a law firm with a woman who can only be described as a BULLY. She has a rep around this town wherever she has worked as a Bully, and has been disciplined at her last firm for always bullying the other staff members she worked with, and trying to always pick out the easiest work to do so that her work always looks perfect. And, then complaining to managment because the other staff members more difficult projects have minor problems.

Sadly, this woman came to this firm with a phony letter of reference and the office manager and supervisor did not call and check out her background at her last law firm.
I tried to talk to the office manager about this problem & she told me, you had better get alone with her, because "her work is perfect" (not tru& she comes with sterling recommendations. (Which, of course I know to be untrue). I am just at a quandry as to what to do to handle this. I am 66 years old and have to work 3 more years & need the job

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3 Responses to “Any california employment law experts?”

  1. V.T.V.RAM Says:

    Please visit the following site

    The California Employment Lawyers Association is a statewide organization of attorneys representing employees in termination, discrimination and other employment cases. We help our members protect and expand the legal rights of working women and men through litigation, education and advocacy.

  2. Steve B Says:

    You could look for a new job.

    You can not do anyhting about a jerk or a bully.

  3. Mary B Says:

    Sorry, you don’t have a legal question…AT ALL.

    You want a law firm to fire someone because you can’t get along with her and because they view her work as superior to yours.

    Sorry…you’ll have to stick this one out or find another one.