Advice On Hiring A Solicitor

If you become involved in a legal dispute, then it is essential that you hire a solicitor to represent you. If you represent yourself in court, then you will almost certainly lose, as an in-depth knowledge of the law is required, and that not is something that you can learn yourself (unless you have a few years spare to go to law school). The good news is that hiring a solicitor need not be difficult or overly expensive. You do need to follow some basic guidelines though…

Recommendations – Recommendations from other people are always the safest factor to base your decision on. Even if no-one you know has experience with a solicitor who deals with what you need, you still have other sources of information available to you. For example, if you need a solicitor for your business, you can ask the local chamber of commerce to recommend solicitors who have good relations with the local business community.

Adverts – Never pick a solicitor based on the basis of an advertisement you have seen on TV or in a magazine. The reason being that solicitors  who feel that they have to spend huge amounts on advertising are, more often than not, more focused on style than substance. They are the easiest option, because you have the phone number to call right there in front of you, but how often is the easiest option the best one?

Specialization – Solicitors typically specialize in one or two areas of law, such as contract, criminal, land, intellectual property, etc. If you want to maximize your chances of winning your case then you need to hire a solicitor who specializes in the exact type of law that your dispute is based on. Whichever type of dispute you are involved in, there will be lots of solicitors in your local area that specialize in that legal field, so it makes no sense to hire someone who ‘does a bit of everything’.

Payment – Some solicitors charge for their services by the hour and some base their fee on the size of the settlement that they win for you. The latter option is the ‘safest’ as you do not have pay anything unless you win, however, you will end up paying them a lot more than you would have done if you had paid them by the hour. Some people worry that if they pay solicitors on a hourly basis then they will get ripped off, but that is unlikely to happen. Solicitors are professionals, and will not overcharge clients as their professional reputation is at stake.

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