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Just about century ago there was almost no protection for the employees, the employers had the full liberty to treat the employees the way they liked irrespective of the fact whether they were genuine on their part incase in compensation or any other safety aspects. Working conditions those days were often filthy, almost hazardous and on top of it the workers were not allowed to get any of the benefits like the health insurance or workers compensation incase of an accident on the job. However along with the spread of the industrial revolution in America, Europe and the rest of the world more and more number of people left their rural lives and shifted to the cities and started their work in the factories of the cities. And as the number of the employees in the factories increased it became evident that the conditions of working became worst in the factories and it became quite evident that the government had to take the necessary steps so as to improve the work life of the workers. As such the conditions of work became so bad that the Government was forced to take the adequate steps otherwise in such bad conditions the workers would have even died. These initial steps paved the way for the formation of the employment law which has substantially contributed to the development of the people and the employees in particular. It was the employment law that granted adequate amount of status to the workers otherwise they were treated as slaves. The employment law also had the provisions about the working conditions that had to be maintained within the working premises, the laws were framed for the fair wages, and it also specified the number of hours to be devoted towards work, further the best provision which was framed was towards the children. The provision specified on the working conditions of the children. The rules also specified about the cleanliness levels of the workplace, it also provided for the workers so as to take the necessary precautions which are to be exercised to ensure the safety of the employees against all kinds of major and minor accidents. However it is important to note the fact that these initial efforts have proven to be very useful in improving the circumstances of the workers and the provisions of the law have been substantially expanded as an when they were needed. It is important to note that the employment right has proven as a helpful tool for improving the work life of the workers. Laws have been enacted so as to establish the standards that the employees have complete right for like the health insurance, and other activities that improves the work life of the employees. It also provides against the protection of the employees so as to protect them against discrimination in the workplace based on the race, gender, religion or disability. The employment law acts as a vital part of the Government efforts so as to protect the rights of the employees as human beings. It ensures that the employees are not placed in an unhealthy or dangerous workplace, over working, or they are being paid less for their efforts.

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