2011 Employment Law Changes

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As we enter into 2011, there are several changes within the employment sector that will come into play this year.  One of two big changes for 2011 relates to maternity and paternity leave provisions, which start on or after 3 April 2011.  This means that, fathers expecting children on or after this date will be entitled to up to twenty-six weeks extra paternity leave, if the mother goes back into employment before using up all of her entitled maternity leave.

Statutory pay for maternity, paternity and adoption leave will also rise this year.
The most talked about legal change of 2011 is the elimination of the default retirement age.  The announcement came in summer last year, when the newly formed Coalition government made it clear that they had plans to phase out the default retirement age.  

This change isn’t coming into effect until much later in 2011. Some rules will be put into place however from April 2011.  These are to be taken as transitional arrangements meaning that within the 6 months in between April and October, employers will not be allowed to retire an employee using the previous default age.


Those employers who issued notification of retirement before April can continue with the process, however this is only where the retirement date is prior to 1st October.

A change that your recruitment company should definitely be aware of is that from 1st October 2011, agency workers will be entitled to equal treatment on employment conditions, such as basic pay and holidays after they have worked in a role for 12 weeks or more.  This comes under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

Finally, the right to request flexible working will be extended to parents with children under the age of 18 on 6 April 2011. It currently applies to parents of children under the age of 17, or 18 if the child has a disability.

Later this month, the Government will consult as to whether flexible working hours should be extended to all employees. The consultation will be completed by March 2011 and the Government will review the responses by December 2011.

Any employee who is suffering at work and feels they need impartial advice should contact an employment law solicitor. A good employment solicitor should offer you a free initial meeting to discuss the matter.  

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