How Employment Law Has Shaped The Workplace

UK literature is peppered with stories of the relationship between employers and employees many with little or no regard for employment law. Most of us will be familiar with the Dickensian stories of employer and employee that are more akin to master slave than collaborative work colleagues working together for a common goal.

Whilst the age of Dickens has past and the master slave relationship has become a thing of the past there are employers and employees who fail to see eye to eye and need the expert skills of an employment solicitor. The role of these legal specialists has developed and changed over the last few decades and were in the past the role of legal firms specialising in the plight of those in the workplace, in more recent years their skills have become a fundamental force that has shaped the workplace.

With large scale mergers and acquisitions the law surrounding the rights of employees transferring to another company commonly called TUPE, has been a major factor in the decision  making process of major corporations. Employment law specialists have often been called in to head up teams that offer advice on a wide range of employment issues including the following.

All of these specialist areas of the law can fall under the skills of exponents of this unique area of the English Legal System.

The rights of employers and employees, with regards to Health and Safety legislation have been closely linked with legal cases surrounding workplace injury claims. The services of specialised sectors of employment law individuals have seen a marked increase in cases of claimants employing the services of lawyers with knowledge of this branch of the law.

The fact is employment law has moved on from the days of the Dickensian times when the Victorian mentality clearly favoured the employer whose draconian ways often left employees with few or no rights in the workplace. English law has always been based on what is fair and right, a system called equity. Legal experts working within the UK legal system as employment law specialists are shaping the rights of both employers and employees to ensure that the foundations of equity are upheld in the workplace.