Where can I find free International Contracts samples?

I have to make a work about contracts. I’ve found some samples of business contracts, employment contracts, construction contracts. Help me with the (free) samples of International Contracts? please. It is very important to me.

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One Response to “Where can I find free International Contracts samples?”

  1. Andrea B Says:

    I would suggest contacting your State’s Department of Commerce. I worked for the Dept. of Commerce, Int’l Business Division. I know that we did a lot of work with students (I’m assuming that you are doing this for school work). If my assumption is wrong, however, the Dept of Commerce would still be a great resource for you. Most of their services are FREE, I’m almost positive what you are looking for will be provided at no cost. Even if they cannot give you an actual sample they would be the best people to point you in the right direction. Most people don’t utilize these state departments often enough and they really do have a wealth of knowledge to offer.