What does Maldives Employment Law state about Overtime payment?

I am being offered a position as an E-commerce Manager in a resort in Maldives.
The contract says that the job requires a lot of extra working hours and no Overtime would be paid to me. Since I would be a Manager, they say I am not entitled.

Is that so? My job description is huge.
Please help me guys asap! What does the Employment Law of Maldives state about this?

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One Response to “What does Maldives Employment Law state about Overtime payment?”

  1. George S Says:

    workplace and employment laws are new and pretty ambiguous in Maldives and there is also the argument going on as to whether these laws apply to resort staff, Although the new law says you should be paid up to a third of of your normal salary for overtime it is not enforced and certainly for an executive type position I would not be expecting it.

    I would be more concerned as to if that particular resort pays on time as a number of resort staff are not getting payed on time.

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