Employment Tribunals and Employment Law

Tribunals have not been a part of the news headlines so much in recent years as there are fewer strikes called by disgruntled employees calling for better work conditions or better pay. This does not mean that the work of employment tribunals are not happening and is testament to the fact that the work of employment tribunals is becoming more effective and resolutions are reached much quicker. This may largely be due to the work of employment solicitors and a better understanding of employer and employee rights within the workplace.

Tribunals offer an environment when both parties can come before an impartial third party and express their grievances to experts in employment law. Both employer and employee have to agree beforehand to participate with an open mind and are prepared to negotiate about their grievances.

Since 2006 there has been an additional initiative that was designed to speed up the employment tribunal process, called Judicial Mediation.  This process offers an alternative form of arbitration that is much quicker than the standard tribunal process with over 65% of cases being resolved on day one of the process.

Judicial mediation is presided over by a judge who has been specially trained in employment law. Their job is to mediate between the parties to try and resolve any workplace disputes where one or more of the parties feel that an aspect of employment law has been breached and need to be heard by an independent neutral party.

These cases are actually preselected before they reach the standard employment tribunal process and all parties are approached with the idea beforehand. However if a satisfactory resolution is not agreed then the case will proceed through the normal employment tribunal process.

Employment law solicitors will be fully aware of the various options available to individuals and companies alike and most will advise clients on the best course of action. Tribunals can provide a more cost effective alternative for employees and employers seeking to resolve their workplace grievances.

Most employment law issues can be resolved either through the judicial mediation process or the tribunal process including unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, redundancy and health and safety issues in the workplace. Knowing what options are available is important and making the right choice from the onset is critical when seeking a resolution to employment law related issues. The best advice is as soon as an individual or company suspects that they may have an employment law problem contact an employment solicitor.