Is an employer required by law to provide proof of employment?

My wife is working for the biggest dickhead in the world. Thankfully, she’s got a new job that she starts in 2 weeks. Anyways, she needs a letter from her old employer indicating that she worked for him in a certain capacity for the past 23 months. Is he legally required to provide this? If so, please cite the exact employment law (federal or state: TEXAS) that states this.

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3 Responses to “Is an employer required by law to provide proof of employment?”

  1. ibu guru Says:

    There is a federal law that all new hires must be registered in the federal New Hires database within 20 days of hiring. Employers are required to verify dates of employment if requested by a government agency, and they generally do it if a new employer or prospective employer requests verification of employment. There is no federal or state requirement that I’ve found which mandates that an employer write a letter of reference or write a statement of employment verification at an employee’s request.

  2. Steve D Says:

    There is no Federal law requiring the ex-employer to provide that information. Most employers will do it by phone as a courtesy. I do not know Texas labor/employment law.

  3. knowitall Says:

    Her paystubs will pove she worked there.

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