In what courts are employment/labor law cases most often tried?

I am a pre-law student about to enter law school with an interest in labor/employment law. I’m wondering, where are most labor/employment law cases tried. Being that employment law heavily involves the Civil Rights Act and the ADA, are these cases tried in the federal courts? I’m trying to get a sense of just how important courses in the federal courts are to this area of law.

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2 Responses to “In what courts are employment/labor law cases most often tried?”

  1. Anna P Says:

    A range of federal land state cases including civil rights (race, ethnic origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation in some states, marital status in some states), wage and hour, disability compensation, workers’ compensation. A lot though are with the National Labor Relations Board, an administrative process. There is usually quite a bit of labor law as well (which is evolving each year).

  2. Andrew Says:

    If your a Pre-Law student in college

    would you know?

    Since you would study many past cases, you should know where it would be classified into.

    Not to be rude or anything,

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