The Role of Employment Law and Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety in the workplace has become the centre of workplace humour and provides endless material for stand-up comedians and yet there are some quite legitimate Health and Safety issues that employers and employees should be aware of if they are to not fall foul of employment law.

It is the duty of every employer to provide a safe working environment for their employees failure of an employer to do so means these employers may be taken to employment tribunals by employees or even to civil or criminal courts by employment solicitors acting on behalf of affected employees.

There are several things an employer must provide for employee some are listed here;

  • Toilet facilities
  • Tell you the risks involved in your job and how to mitigate those risks
  • Give an employee free of charge health and safety training in areas that involve their job
  •  Provide protective clothing free of charge if required for the role you are performing
  • Have insurance that covers an employee if they are injured during the course of their work
  • Provide first aid facilities

Employees have a responsibility as well;

  • An employee should work in accordance with any training they have been given
  • Co-operate with employers and their health and safety policy
  • Work with fellow employees and look out for their health and safety

Breaches of health and safety mean that an employee or an employer might go to an employment tribunal to seek a resolution to the problem. In more serious cases where perhaps injury or fatal injury have occurred then parties may end up in court. There have been many cases recently where directors have been held responsible for injuries or fatalities of employees at work.

At the heart of all of these employment issues are employment laws and the expert employment solicitors who over many years have honed their skills in understanding the finer points of health and safety and employment law and the plight of both employer and employee.

Health and safety has received a lot of bad press in recent years with cries of ‘health and safety gone mad’. However health and safety is there to protect both the individuals and the company alike. The development of employment law during the last 100 years has resulted in a clear structure on how the law can protect society in the workplace.