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Universally the employment laws in the UK are known to be extremely worker friendly and also supports the vast population of immigrants who land there for better prospects and for a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Being acknowledged as one the best countries in the world to offer jobs that provide the worker with all benefits and comforts in the work place the UK has had and still has a large influx of manpower coming into the country looking for greener pastures.

The liberal policies of UK employment laws have inspired migrants to be permanent settlers finding living in the country a vast improvement on the previous lifestyles. Today many amendments in the employment laws in the UK have taken place from the time the Employment Acts and Factory Acts was first formulated. Earlier it was known as the Law Of Contract but now with the equality movement, especially for women, and various factory reforms a number of changes have come into effect to bring about a very congenial atmosphere in the work place especially after the election of the Labor government in 1972.

The different employment laws in the UK make working and living in the UK very pleasant. If you are new to the country it would be ideal for you to get legal help to understand the different employment laws so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of law due to ignorance.

Some of the basic employment laws include provision for a minimum wage and maximum regular working hours on which there are laws which can be really strict and stringent. Another very important employment law is discrimination of any kind shown in the work place and also harassment of any kind can be a gravely punishable offence. Besides these, the laws pertaining to the number of holidays one can take in a year and the maternity or paternity leave entitlement needs to be strictly followed as you need to be aware of the laws and its repercussions especially if you are an owner of a small or medium business.

Health and safety rules for workers is another very important aspect of the employment laws in the UK and provision for all workers for their safety is to be implemented irrespective of the kind of work they do in the workplace. The workplace safety measure is the sole responsibility of the owners.

Besides these implementations, there are many more laws and Acts that come under the employment laws in the UK and which need to be taken heed of, both by the workers and their employers, like the prevention of the practice of discrimination, flexibility of working hours, rights of the workers for training and learning facilities, rights of workers against layoffs and job cuts and many such laws that enrich the working conditions in the work place.

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