Employment law…?

…I know I have no rights since I am being paid under the table. My question is this: 1)What is the significance of the employer paying me today with a check as opposed to the usual weekly cash, and then telling me to take the day off, and call next week to tell her if I want to come back to work?
2)What is her reasoning from a legal standpoint, that she is cutting my hours and trying to get me to quit, as opposed to firing me?

I am not well-versed in employment law and I just want to gain an understanding of why she is covering her rear end all of a sudden.

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  1. 55yrsnholdin Says:

    I think I would go fill out applications. Under that table is not good, no matter what you eventually get sc&^%$#. Most bosses paying under the table like that are trying to keep from paying Uncle Sam and in NC there’s state taxes too. You’re building absolutely no credits for social security either.

    Why the check? Is it a payroll check ? Withholding etc? Since tax time just passed I imagine your boss learned he needed to repair some business practices, before Uncle Sam thumps him real hard .

    You are better than that, you can make darned good tip money as a waitress if you are a hard worker. Waitress pay is real low in NC anyway but I have several friends who are raking in the cash every day. Go where someone will give you the respect you deserve.

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