Employment Contracts?

Is it possible to stipulate in an employment contract that if one does something once, (steals, even if minor theft) they can be dissmissed with no questions asked and no formal enquiry? Or do all contracts more or less follow the same stipulation? Any info about employment contracts will be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Employment Contracts?”

  1. Yellow Alarm Clock Says:

    Yes, you can put a clause like that in an employment contract. But it doesn’t really make sense. You say that ‘if someone does something’ then they can be fired without an enquiry. But how do you ascertain whether they’ve done something without enquiring? The process of determining whether that clause would allow the dismissal would essentially be an enquiry as to whether the person had committed the theft (or whatever it was), because that is the condition upon which the clause operates.

  2. Grandview Investigations Says:

    Im not sure if this is a common employment contract, but what you are doing is signing your rights away to an inquiry as to whether or not your stole or anything else. I would have a problem with that. I dont steal and wouldnt want to be accused of such a thing without any type of inquiry or some sort of justice system in place. Under the terms of this contract, he can assume you stole something, without any evidence and simply fire you. You would have little if any recourse against it. I would circle this part of the contract and refuse to sign it unless it was worded a little different. But thats just me.