Employment Contracts at Hooters Singapore?

I have been to Singapore several times over the past 18 months mainly on business, and i must say every time i am in town i really look forward my regular visit to Clarke Quay to enjoy a few beers and the great food they have on offer, served by th lovely hooters waitresses

I am writing this email with some concern and sincerely hoping somebody can clear this up for me.
I have been contacted by an employee who works at your establishment in singapore.
What that person is telling me is that they has worked at hooters for 1 year and have 1 year to work on their contract, but they want to go to study abroad, in order to terminate their contract they say they has to pay Hooters 3000 singapore dollars because they are a Filipino national.
Surely hooters have no such policy of employment, ? Does anyone have any experience of working in singapore with hooters, or are familiar with employment contracts between Hooters & filipino nationals?

Thank in advance for any answers
In response to ‘dude’ i am asking a seious question

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4 Responses to “Employment Contracts at Hooters Singapore?”

  1. Gina Says:

    I’m not sure about hooters, but I do know of some Filipina hookers working here.

  2. Marc Says:

    So, how many times are you going to ask this?

  3. dude Says:

    Stop the spam

  4. Sarah T Says:

    it seems to me that you might be a regular there, the girl recognised you & coming up with some excuse to get some money out of your pocket. you might want to help them up if you sympathize them. But come on, Singapore is a free country, they can choose NOT to work there…to me, it’s just a deception women often used on men…just to make a few extra bucks…

    you should seriously send an email to Hooters’ management. If not, there might be more "victims" out there…. & smear the name of Hooters as a reputable, legitimate business!