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Employment barristers are barristers that specialize in sorting out problems regarding employment laws. They help their clients resolve important legal matters in regards to their rights at work. An employment barrister might manage any number of work-related complaints presented by employees. Employees who need counseling and professional assistance regarding communication and arrangements in the workplace can seek the assistance of an employment barrister. A good employment barrister can give sound advice to help clients deal with such problems as sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Solicitors work with employment barristers in much the same way paralegals work with lawyers. They gather information regarding a case and give this information to the employment barrister, who will sort through it and determine whether or not the case should be taken to court. If the employment barrister decides a case must be taken to court, s/he will represent the client during the court trial. The employment barrister will speak on behalf of the client and present the case to the judge. This is why it is very important that employment barristers be well trained and knowledgeable concerning employment laws and workers rights.


The duties of employment barristers are not the same in every country. In the past, many employment barristers also did the work of a solicitor. In more recent years, specialization has become the watchword. In the US, however, employment barristers and solicitors are considered to be the same thing – lawyers or attorneys. Paralegals take on the duties of what is known as a solicitor in the UK.

With the help of employment barristers, the workplace can become safer and more pleasant. Employment barristers help employers in improving working conditions and the general atmosphere at work. This helps employees to be more productive and benefits society in general.

A good employment barrister must have good court skills, excellent knowledge of employment laws and regulations, a familiarity with the language of employment contracts, and an ability to understand the needs and rights of employees. In addition to dealing with employees’ rights and resolving disputes, employment barristers might also manage such issues as lack of discipline on the work floor or other issues having to do with the physical environment at work.

Employment barristers might also help sort out cases of fraud. To find an employment barrister, seek out a barristers’ organization. Generally, barristers will group together as a sort of “fraternity” to offer one another support; however, unlike a law firm, barristers generally maintain autonomy in their business dealings.

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