can emplyor change my benefit and employment condition?

my employer recently changed insurance contribution from 100% to 60%. now, i need to pay 40% every month. Also luch time has changed from 30 min to 1hour. since i am hourly paid employee, i end up losing 30 min pay every day.
Also he will change from hourly pay to salary.
Is it legal to change from initial employment contract?

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One Response to “can emplyor change my benefit and employment condition?”

  1. steve_bono_13 Says:

    Yes, you are part of a Group Health Insurance plan, and the plan administrator (your work) can change the terms of that policy at the renewal date of the contract between the company and insurer. Also, you may be required to go to an hour lunch period due to state labor laws, you might want to check it out. And if you are going from hourly to salary then the additional 30 minutes for lunch doesn’t mean you will be making any less anyway since your paycheck is not affected by when you clock in or out while salaried.